Eve Clarke

Eve Clarke (12 January 1910 – 18 November 1993)

Louisa’s Auntie Eve was known as a great character.

During the second war she accompanied some of Joyce Grenfell’s ENSA concerts on the accordion. She went on to play bassoon in several orchestras (notably the Herefordshire Symphony Orchestra) and to arrange music, often for weird combinations of instruments. Once, in between parts I and II of a church performance of The Dream of Gerontius , she was caught absent-mindedly lighting up a fag.

She continued, well into her old age to plant trees, knit jumpers and socks, cook and brew beer. Her attitude to domestic chores was relaxed and it was rumoured that her method of darning the family’s clothes involved Copydex and a hammer. Her sense of humour was raucous and often quite coarse – she cackled uproariously – she loved to shock and to exaggerate wildly.

Louisa asked Auntie Eve to write some arrangements for her flute students to play and Eve duly obliged. As you will see, her handwriting was pretty clear, so we have not yet put the original manuscripts into Sibelius.

Click on the download buttons, below, for copies of her arrangements:

The Old Woman medley                                            

  1. Old Woman
  2. Shenandoah
  3. It Was a Lover
  4. Come Lassies & Lads
  5. Fairest Isle
  6. Killarney
  7. Isle of Spain
  8. On the Banks


We will put these into Sibelius when we have a moment!

Strawberry Fair medley                                              

  1. Strawberry Fair
  2. Raggle Taggle Gypsies
  3. Cockles & Mussels
  4. Charley is my Darling
  5. Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron
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Four Christmas Carols                                                  

  1. Come Leave Your Sheep
  2. Gabriel’s Message
  3. The Coventry Carol
  4. A French Carol
    Parts: Score:


Five Christmas Carols                                   

  1. The Infant King
  2. O Come Emmanuel
  3. Past 3 O’clock
  4. A Virgin Most Pure
  5. The Sussex Carol
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Camptown Races medley

  1. Camptown Races
  2. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
  3. Drink to Me Only
  4. Blow Away the Morning Dew
  5. Skye Boat Song
  6. What Shall we do with the Drunken Sailor?
    Score: Parts: