Angela Gordon

Angela Gordon (b. 1974)


Angela Gordon was born in Nottinghamshire, England. She is best know for her work as multi-instrumentalist and backing vocalist in British progressive rock band Mostly Autumn who she has performed and recorded with since 1997. Her work with Mostly Autumn has taken her across the world, notable venues including New York Town Hall and The Baja Prog Festival in Mexico. MA regularly perform in The Netherlands and neighbouring countries where there is a particular love for their strain of Celtic-tinged progressive rock.

The Mostly Autumn family extends to many side-projects including for Angela the acoustically-driven duo Odin Dragonfly and celtic band Stout Boots.

Angela also performs with Leather’o (think Raggle Taggle Gypsy; “… put on her suit of Leather-o”), an eastern-European gypsy/Alt-Celtic group who have received great critical acclaim and warm reception from audiences at festivals and venues across the UK.

As well as these regular commitments Angela is often called upon for studio sessions and one-off live performances by highly regarded artists and groups including Fish (Communion live album), Blackmore’s Night, fellow flautist Thijs van Leer and York Symphony Orchestra.

You can read more about Angela Gordon on her website. Angela is endorsed by Pearl Flutes.

Click on the buttons, below, to download arrangements by Garland of Flutes member Angela Gordon:

Quartet No. 4 – William Shield

This is an arrangement for three C flutes and alto flute.

(there is currently no full score for this arrangement)


A Pearl for Rosalind – Bizet/Hook

This was an arrangement commissioned by David Grice for his wife, Ros, a member of the quartet, on the occasion of their 30th wedding anniversary.

Parts: coming soon!


A Winter Wedding

Angela composed this piece for the wedding of fellow Garland of Flutes member Lindsey Woods in December 2014. The quartet performed it at the wedding reception where they were the first of seven bands to play. The Garland of Flutes was one of only two of the seven bands that Lindsey’s son Jack did not play in.
Score in sibelius:

Score in pdf: Flute 1 in Sibelius: Flute 2 in Sibelius: Flute 3 in Sibelius: Alto flute in Sibelius: Parts in pdf:


Coming Soon:

O Come All Ye Faithful


Away in a Manger


O Little Town of Bethlehem